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Privacy Policy

Data provided in the survey will be analyzed for the purposes of research connected with the site, any information which could potentially identify an individual will be excluded, and results will be used in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Grants-in-Aid research reports, as well as in relevant academic articles and conference presentations. If individual names or names of a particular hospital are provided in the questionnaire, they will not be used in order to protect privacy.

Every effort has been made to prevent the loss, misuse or falsification of personal data provided through this site. However, as it is impossible to guarantee absolute security of the Internet during access and the process of sending information, ultimate responsibility rests with each individual user.

In principle, information provided through this website will not be disclosed to other institutions or individuals without the permission of the individual. However, in the possible case of the individual user of this site causing damage to a third person who then makes a claim, or in the case of information being required by public bodies such as law courts or police, information may be provided as requested.